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Bolbronx Recording is a creative and dynamic studio only 2 kilometers from Odense main station. The recording studio is located in Bolbro - "Bolbronx" - owned and run by sound technician Benjamin Hove.

The recording studio provides facility for music production, vocal recording and mixing. The control room is centered around an old-school analog TAC Matchless console and Pro Tools as DAW tracking system. You also find several classic microphone types, such as Shure, Sennheizer and AKG.




Bolbronx Recording is not the biggest studio on earth, but for sure the most cozy, with a warm atmosphere. The Studio is placed in a quiet neighborhood and features soundproof windows. Click on the image above to see more pictures. You can also find us at




We are always looking for artists, songwriters and producers. You can submit your demo to

If you want to register as a session musician to play on costumer projects, send info to